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Tips / FAQ

  • What Different Materials does Repurpose Recycle?
    Basically anything? Repurpose manages your collection service and we then facilitate the renewal of your waste stream back into a resource via an Australian owned Recycler. However, our primary focus is on the hospitality and retail sectors so the common materials we collect for recycling include drink bottles & cans; milk bottles; food drums & oil tins; stretch wrap; metal kitchen & building equipment; polypropylene & HDPE food containers.
  • Is the Recyclate you Collect Worth Much?
    You'll be surprised - compacted a small 0.25M3 (the size of a wheelie bin) bale of milk bottles can hold as many as 1,000 X 2 litre bottles - that can be worth up to $25. In a venue where there is reasonable volume it costs a fraction of that to collect and drop off to the reprocessor.
  • Does it Really Get Recycled?
    Yes! All materials that Repurpose collect are sent to an Australian based Reprocessor. We certify that all the material they received is converted into a raw commodity - pellets or flake and monitor any stockpiles at facilities we deliver to. More importantly, its simply not true that most recycling gets landfilled. China has certainly cut back on what it imports and thats really hit mixed recycling and dirty recycling streams - like unsorted co-mingled recycling or those huge skip bins of mixed construction waste. Things have gotten tougher for the rest of the industry, but to be honest if you go to the trouble (& expense) of setting up a source separation and compacting operation like ours you simply can't afford to landfill it.
  • When do you Collect?
    It depends where in Sydney your located? We operate business hours and overnight collections in the CBD and Inner city 3 times each week ... but in Greater Sydney our trucks may only be in the area once a week.
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