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Our Services

Repurpose Focus on providing cost effective solutions to the challenges most metroploitan hospitality and retail busineses face when trying to recycle.

Our service is designed to:

* Minimise the amount of real estate (space) taken up with waste bins & equipment;

* Drives recycling collection cost down by smart compaction technologies - we can collect around 3,000 litres of bulky recyclables for less than $10;

* In addition to a lower cost collection model; by sperating valueable recyclables at the source; Repurpose can access the highest order of recycling & pass on the very attractive rebates to our customers.

Our Mission is a simple one: To halve the cost of waste management and recyling for our customers: & ensure they enjoy the highest standard of recycling acheived in their sector!

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Repurpose operates collection services for over 80 venues across Sydney. We collect on a regular, scheduled frequency at a time & day that suits you.

Bins, cages and bulk bags are provided by us and collected on an agreed regular service schedule that suits your operation. 

Our fees are deducted from the refund and paid to you each month. 

Source Separated & Compacted Recycling

Coming Soon!

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Milk Bottles

Its unbelieveable that in this day & age, the recycling rate at retail venues only recycle about 20% of rigid plastics like milk bottles; particularly when Repurpose can collected compacted bales of bottles and sell them to reprocessors like Visy for no charge - in fact we generally pay our Milk Bottle customers between $5-$10 a bale after all costs.

Turn your empties back into new milk bottles @ no cost?



Our Range of compaction equipment allows us to handle almost any scale of operation & the unique multi-cell design of our Orwak range allows us to bale a range of different materials with a single machine. 

Check out our compaction and baling equipment guide below!

COMING SOON Download Our Equipment Guide
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