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Finding Value in Waste ...

Repurpose provides cost-effective waste management solutions to the Food & Beverage Sector.

Our aim is to deliver a best practice standard of recycling at half the cost you currently experience.

We achieve these improvements through 2 key strategies:

1.Targeting high value resources commonly found in your sectors waste for source-separated recycling; &

2. Using size reduction technologies and collection systems of bulky wastes like Milk Bottles to reduce the number of bin collections required.

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Our Services

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A Well managed Return & Earn Collection System can dramatically reduce the waste management costs at any hospitality focussed business ...

Source Separated Recycling 

Our Source separated recycling systems target the bulky high-value materials commonly found in your bin. Why pay for waste when you can get paid the true value of recycling ... ...


Balers & Compactors

Repurpose utilize a range of space-efficient, user friendly compaction systems to save time & money - Click here to learn about what equipment will best suit your circumstances.

Better Recycling

Dave shares some of his experiences in waste management over the past 20 years. Click here to get tips and resources on how to recycle better ...

Cut Your Waste Bill in Half!

Get Rebates on New Recycling Equipment

Save Time & Money

75% Reduction in Waste Volume

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