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About Repurpose

After nearly 20 years leading the community war on waste,  Dr Dave West  & Anthony Lazzaro established Repurpose in 2017, with a focus on providing a collection service for pubs, clubs, restaurants & stadia to access the NSW Return & Earn Scheme.


Having established the most cost efficient service for refundables, Repurpose expanded into other source separated recycling streams and amalgamated with the Milk Bottle Collective to provide the most cost effective recycling sustem for the Food & Beverage sector. Of the 80 customers we currently service just 2 pay for our services - the rest recieve their service for nothing & get a cheque back each month. 

Our aim is to deliver a best practice standard of recycling at half the cost you currently experience.

We achieve these improvements through 2 key strategies:

1.Targeting high value resources commonly found in your sectors waste for source separated recycling; &

2. Using size reduction technologies and collection systems of bulky wastes like Milk Bottles to reduce the number of bin collections required.

The savings are so attractive that in most cases we pay our customers rather than issue them with a bill.

What We Do


Milk Bottles


Soft Plastics

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Our Promise to You

Repurpose requires no contracts or lock in terms; we expect to satisfy our customers EVERYTIME!

If your ever dissatisfied with how well we did the job, there's no charge.

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